This Coaching Program has been designed to help you LOVE who you are, and who you’re BECOMING! (Because God does!)

I'd be honored to walk through this 12-week Beauty Authenticity Coaching Program with you… not to become more like me, or more like her, but to become even MORE authentically YOU! The beautiful YOU God delights over! Together we apply scripture, neuroscience, and insights from my 22 years of studying BEAUTY to our lives. This program is filled with honest conversations + thoughtful questions. Together, let's partner with God as we experience the transformative power of AUTHENTIC BEAUTY in these 10 areas of our lives…

  • Mind

  • Talent

  • Voice

  • Waiting

  • Pain

  • Body

  • Relationships

  • Faith

  • Life

  • Appearance


The 2019 Program Begins: OCTOBER 1st!

Calls Begin: The first week of October

Calls Ends: The third week of December

*Exact Day TBA

3- Month Program Options:

Group: $247 a month
One 50-Minute Video Call per Week
Intimate Group with up to 5 Women
Private Facebook Group Access Downloadable Workbook for each Week

Individual: $347 a month
One 50-Minute Video Call per Week
Voice Messaging Access via Voxer Private Facebook Group Access Downloadable Workbook for each Week


*Each of my Coaching Clients will receive a complimentary ticket to attend one of our Live My Beauty BFF events we’ll be having in the Southern California in 2020! (Valued at $197+)

The Three Components of our Coaching Program!

Weekly Video Calls

Yipeee!!! I can’t wait to hang out with you every week, and see your lovely face as we chat! This is the next best thing to being together IRL! Our Video Coaching Calls will take place over at Zoom. (If you’re doing the individual coaching plan, you can opt for a phone call instead, if that better suits your schedule for a particular week.) I’ll be emailing you the Zoom link each week, you’ll just need to download the software if you’re new to Zoom.

Weekly Workbooks

Leading up to each week’s Coaching Call, you’ll be getting a Workbook sent your way so you can prepare your heart + mind for our time together! Each workbook will be sent as a downloadable PDF file for you to keep foreva eva! Since we’ll be covering a wealth of information + asking thought-provoking questions throughout each call, these workbooks will be an important part of the process for you! Extra credit points if you print them out + fill them in by hand!

Private Facebook Group

Whether you choose Group or 1:1 Coaching, you’ll have access to our exclusive Facebook Group, where you can continue to build community with the women going through the program! I’ll be doing a monthly live Q+A here and I’ll also be jumping in throughout each week to answer any questions you may have! And of course, to continue to bring encouragement + inspiration your way! This is where I’ll be sharing links to books, articles, studies, and more!

*You’ll Also Receive Access to Video Replays for Each Coaching Call: Are you a note taker like me? If you are, that’s great, because studies show that we retain more information when we put our pen to paper, BUT, in this case, I want you to be able to fully enjoy + fully dive into these questions + conversations! With that being said, save the note taking for the Video Replay, that way you won’t miss a thing AND you’ll get all the benefits of writing, too! Each Video Replay will be added to your Dropbox file each week.

What do ya say?! Are you ready to work together?!

Finish this year STRONG + enter 2020 confident, full of peace, and anchored in God’s love!

Let’s fully enjoy the abundant life God has gifted us with! Our time on earth is too short to play small + to be burdened with insecurities… that’s not God’s will for His daughters! Let’s shake free of whatever is holding us back from living completely surrendered to the will of God!


Hey, Let’s Chat!

To schedule a 15-Minute Discovery Call with me, just click here!

Is this program for you?! If you agree with any of the following, then YES… I think we’d be a great team! 

  • You want to engineer a truly BEAUTIFUL LIFE (and not just look the part on Instagram).

  • You crave congruency between your values + actions in all areas of your life. 

  • You know you’re MADE FOR MORE + you are ready to do the work to create the life of your DREAMS.

  • You know in your head that you’re Beautiful, but you want to FEEL it in your heart! 

  • You desire to live with genuine confidence, so you can serve others from the overflow of your authenticity.

  • Your goal is to be secure in your identity + certain of your calling, so you can fulfill your God-Given Assignment!

  • You already point others to Jesus + desire to make a greater impact in doing so! 

  • You have a HUGE dream in your heart, and you want to LIVE IT OUT!

  • You’re committed to finishing 2019 STRONG, and starting 2020 BRAVE!

Is this YOU??!!