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About Your Coach: Jessica Shakir

While Jessica would say that she has been a student of BEAUTY almost her entire life, it is her 22+ years as a professional in the Beauty Industry that truly equip her with the wisdom + grace to lead women of all walks into Authentic Beauty. Her professional experiences as a Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist, TV Beauty Expert, Model, and Actress have presented her with wonderful opportunities to speak, write, and now coach on the ever-important topics of Beauty + Authenticity. As a woman who has been in love with Jesus + The Bible all her life, Jessica is extremely passionate about helping women step into their true identity, as well as making sure that every woman in her path understands the true definition of BEAUTY. If we buy the lie and mistake culture’s counterfeit definition of BEAUTY as truth, our foundation as women will be faulty, and our confidence as a whole will be completely stifled. We must build our lives on truth in order to live abundantly, as our beliefs about BEAUTY have an immense impact on the health of our soul.

Hair + Makeup Artist


Jessica has worked as a Makeup Artist + Hair Stylist for the past 22 years. Her work has taken her around the world, back stage at NYFW + television backlots, and to various locations with her celebrity clientele. Many of her clients lovingly refer to her as their “Beauty BFF” because she doesn’t just help them look beautiful, she helps them feel beautiful as well!

TV Beauty Expert


For over a decade, Jessica has been sharing her outer + inner beauty tips with us on TV. With her love for beauty, sisterhood, and bringing joy to others, Jessica has thrived in front of the camera as well as behind the scenes. She was a regular Beauty Expert on ABC’s “The FAB Life”, and also produced segments for VH1, “The Dr. Oz Show”, and a variety of Morning News segments!

Model, Actress, + Dancer


Jessica started dancing as a child + her love for performing + the arts grew with each passing year! Her 20’s were sprinkled with national TV commercials, traveling for photo shoots, a variety of fashion shows, more fake weddings than she can remember, being a Princess at Disneyland + dancing at Tokyo Disneyland, and she even snagged a co-starring role on Hawaii 5-0!

“Authentic beauty begins in the soul + works its way outward. Therefore, true beauty is to be unveiled rather than applied.”

- Jessica Shakir